What is the Six-Point Checklist?

Before driving in the winter, it is important to perform a basic six point checklist to ensure performance, efficiency, and safety.



When was your last oil change? Was it at the recommended time? This is important that your oil levels are at the recommended amounts, and all of your filters are checked. This will keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.


Examine that your battery connections are tight and clean. Check to make sure there are no corrosions. Drops in temperatures affect a batteries performance. It is recommended to replace batteries that are more than 3 years old, as they can fail at any time.


 A tires pressure is very important to your cars ability to run efficiently and prevent a blow out or flat. Make sure you tire pressure is at the recommended amount. You can find this on the sticker on your driver side door. Drops in temperatures can cause a tire pressure to decrease. Aside from tire pressure, a tire’s wear and tear can affect a tire’s grip on the road, especially during winter time. Do the penny test to ensure your wear and tear is at the safe amount.

Wiper Blades

It is recommended to always scrape your windshield with an ice scraper before turning your wipers on. Cold temperatures can hurt your wipers by causing the rubber to harden and crack. If the wipers are not cleaning your windshield properly it is time to replace them.


Antifreeze is a coolant that should be refilled at minimum every two years. Do not add 100% of the coolant to the water mixture.


Brakes should be checked every so often as they are important to not only your safety, but the safety of others. Make sure there is no noise when you brake as that is an indication they need to be looked at.

Aside from these 6 things make sure you have: a fully charged phone, at least half a tank of gas, a first aid kid, blanket, extra clothes, and bottled water.

The good news is your Land Rover Specialist can assist with any of these issues if your checklist is not complete. Check out our online scheduler or call us at 888-745-8358  today.

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