Traveling This Summer in Your Land Rover

Summer is here so that means everyone is going to be traveling, attending barbecues, going to camp, and headed to vacation!

Traveling has changed and improved thanks to technology.  Directions, communication, and planning has improved thanks to technology. Instead of paper maps and pay phones all of these during travel is available at your fingertips. Apple and Android applications have revolutionized this!


Open up your phone and head to your Apple or Android store to check out these apps.


Waze: A turn by turn navigation app that relies on its users to report road hazards, speed traps, accidents, and more. As a user you can contribute and report to assist others in getting where they need to be efficiently.

RoadTrippers: Are you a planner? RoadTrippers help you plan your trip ahead to find local attractions, restaurants, national landmarks, and many more spots for you stop along the way.


Spotify: Another alternative to music, offers a variety of podcasts.

Stitcher: The next level Podcasts to help you pass the time as opposed to traditional repeat radio for the next few hours.

Pandora: A streaming service that creates stations based on your music interests. You can listen to the latest pop or Disney tunes.

iExit: Let’s you know what exits are coming up during your route, and what services are offered at that exit: food, gas, camping, and major retail stores.


Twist: Keep your loved ones up to date on your current location. Twist is also great for receiving directions, sending pictures and messages, and updating weather and destination details.

Glimpse: This app is perfect for those meeting up with family or friends at a particular destination.


GasBuddy: This app provides you with nearby gas that is inexpensive and reliable during your trip. Users are also able to update gas station’s prices.

Plugshare: Perfect for when you are using an electric car. Plugshare locates and shares reviews for charging stations! It has access to 90,000 locations in the United States. Not only does it show you the location, but it provides availability times dependent on user reporting.


Hotel Tonight: You have a few more hours ahead, but everyone is passed out in the car and you’d love to get some shut eye too. This app finds hotels nearby that are price efficient.

These applications can help you be more prepared and lead to being more relaxed about your travel!

When traveling make sure your Land Rover is ready to go by scheduling a service appointment today!

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