Land Rover Builds Confidence in Autonomous Vehicles

As more and more automotive manufacturers are experimenting with autonomous vehicles, also known as AV’s, the rise in consumer confidence in the ability of these vehicles fails to rise at the same rate. The adoption rate of new technology always experiences a slump towards the beginning, and thus is no different in the acceptance of widespread autonomous vehicle usage. With automotive related incidents being one of the deadliest both in the United States and across seas, automakers hope that AVs can work towards reducing these numbers drastically.

One of the issues Land Rover is tackling is the interaction between pedestrian crossings and autonomous vehicles. In an effort to increase people’s confidence in the ability of AVs to recognize an react to human interferences, Land Rover has designed “virtual eyes” to provide feedback to incoming pedestrians. In order to instill a certain trust factor with AVs, these virtual eyes are calculated to communicate their “vision” so to speak and let incoming pedestrians know that their movements are being tracked effectively in order to avoid collision of any kinds. These autonomous vehicles use a combination of cameras and LiDAR sensors to recognize objects in its path.

The key to the effectiveness of this campaign lies on altering human instinct. By subconsciously taking note of a driver or in this instance, a set of virtual eyes, it will allow autonomous vehicles to inspire confidence in their effectiveness. These AVs have already begun testing, thanks to Land Rover. Implemented in their home country, England, scientists have begun to A/B test the effectiveness of virtual eyes on AVs by using both a control group and a group of updated autonomous vehicles with virtual eyes to see the effectiveness. The study is still in progression, yet Land Rover leaks information that implies that the virtual eyes are in fact effective at increasing customer’s trust in autonomous vehicles. 
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